Meet the Barbow

Three years of design, smokeless technology twinned with beautiful design.

As Featured in

As Featured in

Redefining the outdoor flame

Experience the beauty of high-quality materials combined with iconic design and clever engineering. A Pingewood will serve you all year round and it will last you a lifetime – designed, manufactured & hand-assembled in the UK.

Designs For Life

Premium quality through product longevity, a low carbon footprint and put years of thought and development into each individual Pingewood to withstand the test of time. This is backed by a long warranty and aftercare support

Unrivalled Performance

With years of development, our outdoor fires are designed to perform, to create a proper outdoor fire – and built to last. It’s why some of the best fire enthusiasts in the world use one.

Our Story

Ignited from Passion,
Forged in Flames.

Sculptured Art

Original. Innovative. All designs start from a sketch and are sculptured into singular masterpieces that will define your outdoor space. True statement pieces that are versatile for many spaces that will create a central hub for entertaining or relaxing. Each masterpiece is finished with a personal id plaque.

Sustainable Development

We think green.
For future generations.

Sustainable Development

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom using local materials and man power we’re proud to offer sustainable renewable energy for individual heating with a low carbon footprint. Using renewable sources of heat such as wood over fossil fuels for individual heating.

The Club

Enrich your
Pingewood Experience.

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