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At Pingewood, we’re proud to stand behind our products and offer a 1 year warranty as standard, and we’ll extend that to a Limited 5 Year Warranty when you register your fire with us.

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Our warranty covers materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance for the duration of your Warranty.

Every Pingewood is thoroughly inspected and certified before leaving our factory to ensure a high quality product and backed by our warranty support team.

This Warranty is valid as long as the original purchaser owns the Pingewood or part in question. There are a few exceptions, so we’ve explained them below.

*Unregistered products carry only a standard 1-year warranty. Warranties are valid from the date when the customer receives their Pingewood. Only Pingewood fires can be registered. A Pingewood must be registered within 30 days of receipt in order to claim the 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Metal Components

Metal components carry a Limited Five Year Warranty to the original purchaser, if registered. Otherwise a 1 year warranty is valid as standard from the date the Pingewood was received.

We use weather resistant and high temperature paints on certain metal surfaces. However, metal materials and protective coatings can be compromised with scratches or certain chemicals. Among other things, chlorine, industrial fumes, chemicals, fertilisers, extreme humidity, lawn pesticides and salt are some of the things that can corrode the paint and finish on metal coatings.

As such, the Warranty on metal components does not cover rust, oxidation, fading or other blemishes, unless it also causes these components to fail or lose structural integrity to the point the fire becomes unusable.

Heat Expansion

Heat may cause metal components to marginally change shape (straight surfaces may become slightly concave). This is not covered under any Warranty.

Corten Steel Finish

The corten steel finish naturally oxidises over months when exposed to the outdoors, creating a naturally protective layer.

Unlike Stainless steel products, Corten steel products that have not yet oxidised may have scratches or abrasions on the surface, this is normal, as the surface will soon be covered with a layer of oxidised Rust.

If this finish gets scratched it will eventually be covered over and heal with another layer of rust. This process can be accelerated by the covering of water, vinegar and salt.

Warranty Coverage

Official Pingewood components and parts that are covered under a valid or registered Warranty will be replaced or repaired at our discretion. Subject to the Ts&Cs of this Warranty, there will be no cost for the warranted item or component.

What is not covered?

Our warranty is based upon reasonable residential use and regular servicing of your Pingewood. Any commercial uses and related applications are excluded from our Warranty coverage.

Warranty does not apply to any incidental or accidental damage or breakage, or for any damage caused by:

Any scratches, dents, chips, grazing apperances or minor cosmetic cracks of the exterior that do not affect the performance of your Pingewood are not covered in your warranty.

Please note: If you purchase a Pingewood from an unauthorised source, it is not covered under this Warranty.

Shipping And Delivery

Pingewood are not responsible or liable for shipping, delivery charges, labour, packaging costs, export/ import duties, VAT or any levied taxes resulting from any Warranty claim, service, repair or return, unless authorised by Pingewood in writing.

Claim Procedure

Please contact your local dealer. Do not send us any components for a Warranty claim before contacting a Pingewood dealer, as in some cases it may not be necessary to return the part.

Voiding of Warranty

Any un-official modifications or alterations to a Pingewood will void the warranty. This includes drilling, retro fitting or tampering with any parts or components.

Using lighter fluid or any other flammable products into your Pingewood will void your Warranty too.

Delay or Default

We are not liable for any delay and default in your Pingewood performance cause by things beyond our control – e.g acts of GOD, war government restrictions or restraints, strikes, fires, flood transporatation delays or reduced supply of materials.


Our warranty is non-transferable and only applicable to the persons who registered the Pingewood initially.

We do not authorise anyone to make or assume any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of any Pingewood.

Our Obligations

The repair or replacement of parts.