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Fire Partners

Meet our Pingewood Ambassadors, Fire Starters and Fire Business friends from across the globe who share the same love of fire as we do.


Pingewood Ambassadors are passionate brand advocates who share their love of Pingewood with the wider community.

Jason Faulkner

outdoor living

Felix Carter

outdoor living

Fire Starters

Here are some of the fire enthusiasts that we’ve teamed up with that share the same values as us.


Amanda Lee

Amanda shares inspirational and cool Instagram content that we absolutely love. Capturing moments in time of the Pingewood atmosphere 


Tracy Berns

Outdoor living blogger and all round lover of outdoor fire. Featuring in depth articles and How-to’s which feature on our Guides page.


John Hertwell

Cooking up delicious delights daily and a fond feature on our Recipes page. Showcasing the true outdoor dining potential of Pingewoods.

Fire Business

Meet these people who have put Pingewood at the heart of their businesses.


Alex Grieve


Adam Gilbert


Mike Stuart

Wedding planner

Alice Harper


Donald Mason

Event Manager

Mishel Fox

Interior Designer

Philippa Charlotte


Jeremy Farmer

Event Manager

Chase Newman