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About us

Built on pure passion.

As avid lovers of the great outdoors and passionate fire enthusiasts, we found ourselves quite perplexed by the lack of worthy products available to enhance our alfresco experiences – think fire pits, outdoor fires, and log stores. Sadly, the quality of these items were far from satisfactory, leaving us feeling somewhat disappointed with their overall functionality. And so, it was from this very frustration that the idea for Pingewood was born!

What we do

We design and make outdoor living products underpinned by a close community of Pingewood stockists.

It all starts with a sketch, each piece consisting of around three years of design and development from the ground up. Part art and sculpture. We don’t just plonk our Pingewoods together, it’s a slim balance between form and function. Every single Pingewood is rigorously tried and tested and manufactured within the United Kingdom to guarantee exceptional quality and a low carbon footprint.

Right now, we’re selling Pingewood’s all over the world, creating individual moments of joy everyday and we love that!

Why we do it

Because everybody deserves a proper outdoor fire, that is why. A simple idea, but a noble cause that’s behind everything we do at Pingewood. We’re working our wee socks off and won’t rest until there’s a Pingewood in the garden of every man, woman and garden-owning child everywhere.

How It All Happened

Growing up we had always been fascinated by the flames of a roaring fire. I can vividly remember long summer evenings spent hitching togethor a treehouse under the sun lit leaves in the woods next to our parents house. We would use any bits of wood we could get our hands on and any offcuts would be used for evening camp fires which sometimes got a bit out of control… It was our secret escape that was enjoyed with friends throughout the entirety of the summer holidays even if we did get attacked by plenty of mosquitos every year! This is where we believe our love for a proper outdoor fire ignited.

So how did our love for outdoor fires evolve? Whilst being attacked by smoke that would linger in your hair for days on end and TRYING to enjoy a measly outdoor fire that was on its last legs without even lasting a season, a conversation arouse – why are we accepting this just because it is the industry norm?

We went on the search for a proper outdoor fire but the only products on the market were either too small, poorly built or didn’t stand up to what we envisioned for an outdoor experience.

After a series of sketches, many prototypes and ongoing outdoor testing, we created the first ever Pingewood outdoor fire. Pingewood – the smoke-less, season after season, garden sculpture, proper outdoor fire was born.

Pingewood was founded on the basis of a better way of outdoor living and inspired by innovative and minimalist contemporary design compiled with pure functionality.

Our Core Values

Our values are our DNA that we live, work and play by


We challenge ourselves and Pingewood to be better, bigger and have more impact. We believe in our vision and our own role in achieving it.


If we're not moving forward, we're moving backwards. Creative problem solving is at the heart of all our products and processes.


As individuals and as a team, we stand behind our process and output. Every day we stake our professional pride on the quality of our delivery.


We assume the best in our customers, business partners and our people - and we treat them the way we want to be treated.


No matter what we do, we go at it full steam ahead. We're excited. We're obsessive. We care.

The Story So Far

Since our launch, we have been overwhelmed by the response, turns out we weren’t the only ones thinking the same thing! Pingewood has grown into a super community of fire enthusiasts from all around the world.

Innovation is core to Pingewood and we’ve gone on to release new awesome outdoor fire models, accessories and add-ons – including Log Pods™ – as well as smaller sizes, now there’s a Pingewood for everyone. We also have a range of must-have Pingewood ‘merch’ for outdoor fire lovers.

We are so grateful for Pingewoods’s passionate community and are pumped to say that our customer + media reviews are outstanding.

Pingewood’s reputation and innovative products have attracted partnerships with some of the world’s most trusted and respected global retailers and distributors. We build partnerships based on authenticity and shared values.

Bending the rules of the current category and cementing our place smack bang in the middle of. 

The future

With brilliant products, an innovative product road map, our Impact Fund, stand-out customer service, a world-class team and a fully fired up global community, we’re excited about the future.

If you want to know more, get in touch. If you love Pingewood THANK YOU!