Uber Logs Wood Log Briquettes


Uber Logs are very dense log wood briquettes crafted from clean and recycled birch wood. Our eco friendly logs are made in the UK and have a low carbon footprint. Eco wood fuel briquettes burn hotter and longer than seasoned logs. They are also cleaner, easier to handle and light.

  • Ready to Burn Certification
  • No kindling required
  • Carbon neutral fuel
  • Easy to store and light
  • More heat output
  • Burn for longer

Ideal for log burners, stoves, fires and chimineas, our log briquettes produce very low ash, less than 1% and less than 10% moisture so no harmful tar residues to flues and chimneys. We recommend these for customers looking for a highly economic briquette.

Each pack contains 12 Eco briquettes, easy to carry and store.

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