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  • Setting up the Pingewood

    Learn how to setup your Pingewood and get it ready for its first light. Your fire will not require any assembly as we do not push our manufacturing to our customers. Your Pingewood will arrive fully constructed on a pallet ready for you to unwrap. Two or more people will be required to move the …

  • Taking care of your Pingewood

    Whilst our Pingewoods do not require a lot of care and attention, it can be good practice to maintain the overall condition and functionality of your fire. By looking after your outdoor fire, you’ll ensure it’s the life and soul of the party for years to come. Fuel Bed The fire should have a constant …

  • How do we test our Pingewoods?

    We don’t just slap our Pingewoods togethor. Every single Pingewood that leaves our factory is tried and tested to very rigorous OFA specifications to make sure our vision transpires to our customers. Not only that… we spend years designing and developing our Pingewoods from the ground up to guarantee a perfect product. OFA is a …